About Us

We are a small band of pup parents who shared similar challenges battling allergies, picky-eaters, weight gain, aging and so on. We learned diet mattered and started there.

We tried lightly cooked fresh & frozen – all were improvements over kibble. However, we found ourselves discouraged by the hassles of over-stuffed freezers, defrosting and learning how much nutrition was lost, no matter how gently cooked.

We were intrigued by raw as we kept hearing transformation stories. Reduced allergies. Increased energy. Better health. It made so much sense. Feed our pups the limited ingredient, uncooked diets they evolved on .

Some of us tried preparing raw meals ourselves - which took time that we didn’t all have. We also wondered if our pup’s nutritional needs were being met and had food safety concerns having uncooked meat laying around our kitchens & families. Some tried buying frozen raw, which reduced prep time and addressed balanced nutrition, but came with the same food safety concerns and storage & defrosting hassles.

We wanted all the nutritional value of a raw diet with the convenience of dry food. That’s when we discovered freeze dried raw and Little Hunter was born.

In early 2022, we began work with our nutritionist, formulating and testing our first recipes. We were encouraged by how much our pup friends & families loved each version. The current versions were their favorites by far.

We now proudly prepare those recipes in the American Heartland using only domestically-sourced animal proteins and ingredients. We hope your pups enjoy them as much as ours!