Hi there, we’re Little Hunter!

A scrappy pack of pawrents just like you who believes pups
(and those who feed them) deserve the very best.

The struggle was real

Whether battling weight gain, allergies, the pickiest of picky eaters, or aging and the ailments that come along with it, each team member that now makes up the Little Hunter pack struggled to find the right food for our pups.
So, we got real about doggie diets and nutrition, researched, researched some more, and ditched over-processed kibble once and for all. 

We went from a puppy

Thus began our fresh journey! We started with lightly cooked and frozen but...
  • Our freezers were packed with food the hooman members of the family couldn’t even eat!
  • Reminders to defrost the next meal were everywhere (but we still always forgot)
  • Dealing with travel logistics was enough to make us yelp – early shipments, pause the next, coolers, oops we forgot ice, stop on the way out of town, defrost, did we bring enough??

To top it off, we learned just how much nutrition was being lost in the processing of this "fresh" food, no matter how gently it was being cooked.

With raw instincts…

We refused to give up. We’d do whatever was best for our pups.
That's when raw entered our lives. We couldn't believe the benefits – reduced allergies, increased energy, better health, and more. And it all made sense; it was, after all, how pups were born to eat. 
We tried making raw food ourselves but worried about sanitation and fully meeting the nutritional needs of our dogs. So we switched to frozen raw, but that came with its own food safety concerns and defrost hassle.

And grew into a little hunter

Now we knew exactly what we wanted. The nutritional value of a raw diet with the convenience of dry food. 
That’s when we discovered freeze-dried raw. In early 2022, we began working with the doggone best vet nutritionist. We formulated and tested our first batch of recipes and couldn’t believe how much our pups loved them. So much so, we knew we had to share the raw love. 
Little Hunter was born!
And now here we sit, proudly preparing each recipe in the American Heartland using only domestically- and humanely-sourced animal proteins and ingredients. Why? Because best furiends deserve the best food. 
Welcome to the pack 🐾