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Raw, real
ready to eat

Human-grade superfood delivered right to your (doggie) door.

Why raw?

Because it helps dogs lead longer, healthier, happier lives! A raw, meat-based, wholesome diet can alleviate a variety of health ailments, boost energy levels, and support immune systems.  Don’t take our word for it – see our unfiltered reviews from pawrents just like you.
Healthy Weight
Digestive Health
Dental & Oral Health
Heart Health
Joint Health & Mobility
Healthy Weight
Digestive Health
Dental & Oral Health
Heart Health
Joint Health & Mobility
Healthy Weight
Digestive Health
Dental & Oral Health
Heart Health
Joint Health & Mobility

Only raw is raw

Let's be clear: dog biomes aren't meant for cooked food! Even during light cooking or air-drying at 160°F, food is negatively transformed. Valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrition are destroyed!

So whether it's overcooked kibble or lightly-cooked frozen, cooked is cooked, and cooked isn't as healthy. Learn more about the many advantages of freeze-dried raw here.

Slow Cooked
Gently Cooked
Air Dried
Fresh Cooked
isn't raw.

Pups deserve real food, too

Feed your bestie what you eat yourself – healthy protein, fruits, and veggies! Our veterinarian-formulated food is made from just raw USDA meat plus fresh fruits and vegetables. With plentiful fiber, essential vitamins, and crucial minerals, pups can thrive from the inside out. Customize a human-grade meal plan today!

Natural & Pure

No preservatives, fillers, antibiotics, or hormones 


Human-grade raw ingredients

Picky-Eater Approved

Mouth-watering meaty taste that pups go mutts for

USA Made

From farm to bowl, we're USA made through & through.


Little Hunter is fresh freeze-dried. That simply means dehydrated and uncooked. Our process? Preservative-free. Our food? Pantry-ready and paws-itively delicious!

  • Ready to Eat
    Go straight from bag to bowl, no thawing, prep or messy cleanup required.
  • Uncooked
    Freeze drying retains 97% of nutrients, making it the most nutritious and convenient way to feed healthy!
  • Store on a shelf
    Safe to store in a pantry or on a shelf, leaving the freezer and fridge free for hooman food.

Go healthy for less

Get tasty, ready-to-eat food that costs up to 30% less than fresh-frozen, has 4X more meat and 100% less hassle. Because a delicious, healthy diet shouldn’t cost a paw and a leg.

Get real about raw

Learn more about how we stack up here!

Fresh Cooked
Human-grade, fresh Ingredients
Raw, minimally-processed, fully nutritious
No synthetics, added hormones or antibiotics
No prep, defrosting or clean-up!
Bonus: tastes like treats!

Bon appétit

Make mealtime more like treat time!

See what all the barks are about

More mealtime excitement
Increased energy
Saw improved skin
Now living their
best life
Based on Little Hunter Customer Survey
The best of the best!!!
I searched tirelessly for a new, more convenient raw food…she needed more protein and mixing dehydrated raw food, while easier than fresh raw, was still a bit of a hassle...Our pup loves the food and is having great 💩😅...When we had an issue, it was resolved without question, quickly and with the greatest concern for getting things right… we all want to do the best for our furry friends!…I couldn’t ask for a better experience!
I have a 15 month old Havanese and have spent hundreds of dollars on so many different dog foods. She'd eat them once and never again. She loves Little Hunter! Both the chicken and the beef. It's been a month now and she cleans her bowl every time. Also, she has the best poops she's ever had. I'm so happy and so is she!
Dogs love this food!
My 8 year old cattle dog was stating to show signs of joint pain so inevitably she was gaining weight. I switched her to little hunter as her base with bone broth to rehydrate and she's doing sooo much better! Thank you!
Five Stars!
Finally found something that both my dogs love. So far I’ve tried the beef and chicken. The rabbit is next. I love that it’s good for them. Already seeing improvement in skin issues and it’s only been two weeks! Thank you!
Best food topper for sensitive GI systems!
Our dog is allergic to chicken and needs to be on lower fat foods to prevent pancreatitis. The prescription foods are unappetizing to her and we had to use a lot of messy solutions like fish stock before finding little hunter. Not only does she eat all her food every time we’ve had no problems with her allergies or GI system since adding the rabbit and whitefish kibbles to her diet! It’s been a relief after years of trial and error with her health to finally have a meal combo that she likes and is good for her. If she didn’t need 4 cups of food a day I would switch her over to little hunter completely!
Love loves her Little Hunter!
She has lost weight, her stools are smaller and firm. Add to that her coat is shiney and her allergies have decreased. I highly recommend Little Hunter and their flexible ordering scheduling. Try it!!
Excellent dog food!
I could not be happier with my choice to change over to Little Hunter. I have tried over 20 different foods for my rescue lab and this is the best by far. I was also pleased to hear my vet agree that this was one of the best out there (especially for dogs with allergies). Very Happy!
My dogs love it!
Since switching over from store bought kibble to Little Hunter, I have noticed less inflammation in my senior dogs. They have lost weight and bounce around like puppies! Also works great as a 'treat.' :D
Rat Terrier Dream
My dog was very unhealthy. For two months constantly vomiting and having many issues. Not eating and in and out of the vet hospital. I tried 13 different foods from Farmers Dog to vet recommended brands. Spend thousands of dollars. I got this due to the reviews but was still skeptical. In 4 days of just mixing this food with the old Instinct brand from vet, and my 11 yr old dog is back to a healthy weight and bowels are great and she is even playing with our other dog like a puppy! She hasn’t moved from her pillow in years! I highly recommend this!!!
Best Stuff Ever!
We were using a standard dry dog food but then our furbaby got very sick and the Vet diagnosed her with 3 or 4 different serious illnesses. We then switched to a fresh food but we were so sick of freezing and thawing and running out and so on. We switched to Little Hunter and thought we'd give it a try. She loves it! Not only does she love it but she's thriving on this food! She's energetic and playful and does extremely well. No one would ever guess she's 11-years old.