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joy this howl-iday season!

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Feed your little hunter the way nature intended.

Uncooked and minimally processed, raw food is jam-packed with the wholesome nutrients pups need and the delicious taste they crave.

Clean ingredients =
cleaner bowls.

Our delicious, complete & balanced meals are made with only wholesome, raw ingredients - nothing artificial. Learn more about our ingredient philosophy here.

Natural & whole

Made of just whole animal protein, fresh fruits and veggies.

Humanely sourced

Single animal sourced without meal or protein fillers like soy, wheat, legumes or peas.

Pure as your pup

No fillers, antibiotics, hormones, soy or wheat.

Made in the Heartland

From farm to bowl, we're USA made through & through.

Benefits of Raw

Biologically appropriate, limited-ingredient, raw diets can improve health, reduce allergies and alleviate a variety ailments, leading to a longer, healthier & happier life. Read the unfiltered reviews from our pup parents here.
Healthy Weight
Digestive Health
Dental & Oral Health
Heart Health
Joint Health & Mobility
Healthy Weight
Digestive Health
Dental & Oral Health
Heart Health
Joint Health & Mobility
Healthy Weight
Digestive Health
Dental & Oral Health
Heart Health
Joint Health & Mobility

From the front door to your pup’s bowl

Little Hunter is freeze-dried raw, a fancy-schmancy way of saying dehydrated and uncooked. Our process? Preservative-free. Our food? Pantry-ready and paws-itively delicious!

  • Ready to Eat
    From bag to bowl - no prep required.
  • Never Cooked
    Zero preservatives; just moisture removed & nutrition retained.
  • Safe from bacteria
    No more worrying about how long fresh/frozen sat out at unsafe temps!
Slow Cooked
Gently Cooked
Air Dried
Fresh Cooked
isn't raw.

Only raw is raw

Let's be clear: dog biomes aren't meant for cooked food! Even during light cooking or air-drying at 160°F, food is negatively transformed. Valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrition are all destroyed!

So whether it's overcooked kibble or lightly-cooked frozen, cooked is cooked, and cooked isn't healthy. Learn more about the many advantages of freeze-dried raw here.

Go raw for less

Quality, ready-to-eat food without expensive, frozen shipping means better nutrition for about 30% less – and 100% less defrosting and cleanup time!

A healthy diet doesn’t have to cost a paw and a leg.

Get real about raw

Fresh Cooked
Human-grade, fresh Ingredients
Raw, minimally-processed, fully nutritious
No synthetics, added hormones or antibiotics
No prep, defrosting or clean-up!
Bonus: tastes like treats!

Bon appétit

Make mealtime more like treat time!

See what all the barks are about

Best dog food yet
To say that my dog is a picky eater is to put it lightly. He will a eat a new food for a week and then refuse it. Before little hunter I tried Yum woof, The farmers dog, Ollie’s and quite a few others but he always lost interest. He is absolutely loving this food comes running every meal time it’s so nice to see him excited for his meal
I have a 15 month old Havanese and have spent hundreds of dollars on so many different dog foods. She'd eat them once and never again. She loves Little Hunter! Both the chicken and the beef. It's been a month now and she cleans her bowl every time. Also, she has the best poops she's ever had. I'm so happy and so is she!
Five Stars!
Finally found something that both my dogs love. So far I’ve tried the beef and chicken. The rabbit is next. I love that it’s good for them. Already seeing improvement in skin issues and it’s only been two weeks! Thank you!

Let’s be furiends