100% real & unprocessed - just like our food.
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Dog's name: Champ
Dog's Breed: American Bully/ Boxer mix

This food and the treats were beyond my expectations. No thawing, no worrying about giving the correct amount. My dog LOVES IT!

My dog loves

Dog's name: Freya
Dog's Breed: German Shepherd
She loves it!

I have a very active but picky dog and I’ve been having to cook homemade food . She loves this food and now I don’t have to cook any more- I mix this 1/2 and 1/2 with another food and it does the job beautifully.

Dog's name: Boaz
Dog's Breed: border collie

my pup is doing good with the food he seems to like it

Dog's name: Ralph and Athena
Dog's Breed: Chiweenie and Pomeranian
Five Stars ⭐️

Finally found something that both my dogs love. So far tried the beef and chicken. The rabbit is next. i love that it is good for them. Already seeing improvement in skin issues and it’s only been two weeks! Thank you!

Dog's name: Haylee
Dog's Breed: chihuahua/terrier
Best Food

Haylee also loves the chicken recipe. I mix the chicken and beef recipe. She is losing weight on your food which she needed to do.

Dog's name: Bella
Dog's Breed: Border collie & Brittany spaniel
Great Food

Bella loves it. I use it as a topper on her hard food

Raw Beef Recipe
Sandra S.B.
Dog's name: Piper
Dog's Breed: Dachshund
Raw beef

My dog eats everything but the blueberries. Perhaps not so many!

They love it and so do I

This dog food is higher in protein that most other dog foods. The minimum standard for protein in dog food is not adequate. Dogs are carnivores and although they have adapted to eating more carbohydrates as a result of their association with humans, they should be getting more protein/meat in their diet. This food gives them the meat/protein they need and the convenience that I need.

Raw Rabbit Recipe

Dog's name: Snickers and Nestle
Dog's Breed: Yorkies (Morkie/Shorkie)
Yorkies LOVE it!!!

My two yorkies love this crunchy food, and I love that it’s raw, grain free, and convenient!! And the customer service has been great excellent!

Raw Beef Recipe
Dog's Breed: Lab

They come in 16oz bags, how many do I need to feed my 80lb lab for 1 month. No Thanks

Dog's name: Finnigan and Bella
Dog's Breed: Shitzu
Loved it

My two dogs loved the raw rabbit. We're going to try another different one

Dog's name: Pippi
Dog's Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Give it a try

Finally found a food that my finicky eater loves. Thank you

Dog's name: Elektra
Dog's Breed: Miniature dachshund
To small

Not worth the money

Dog's name: Rosie
Dog's Breed: Shiz shu
Easy feeding for me

I like it but she is a finicky eater. Sometimes she eats in readily and mostly she doesn't. I use it as a topper but sometimes I'll just give her a snack of a couple tablespoons. She doesn't eat the fruit or veggie but will move them to the side

Dog's name: Bopy
Dog's Breed: 18 lb. Yorkie

My yorkie is very picky about his food. I add the warm water, let sit for a couple minutes add one pkg of Caesars, mix together and done. He eats everything but leaves the blueberrys!!!

Dog's name: Louie
Dog's Breed: Yorkies
Dogs like it

All my dogs from my puppy to my senior like this food. I use it as food topper and rehydrate with turkey broth. Dogs are not a fan of the blueberries of carrots. I will still continue to purchase.

Dog's Breed: Basset hound

Dog likes it

Dog's name: Crickett
Dog's Breed: Long hair Chihuahua
My picky Chi likes it!!

He avoided it for a couple days but then started eating all of it and locked the bowl clean every day. And Little Hunter is more affordable for me.

Raw Rabbit Recipe
Katrinka K.

Raw Rabbit Recipe

Dog's name: Foxy
Dog's Breed: Shih Tzu
Raw rabbit recipe

My extremely picky eater loves it.

Dog's name: Teddy Bear
Dog's Breed: Havanese/Shitzu/Poodle
Healthier, happier dogs!

I have for years researched better quality dog food to feed our two dogs. It’s a name game with dog foods and I got weary of the buzz words manufacturers slap on their fancy bags to lure pet owners to purchase. Let’s face it! Kibble dog food is convenient but the cost of your dog’s health is at risk feeding over processed kibble. I started feeding my dogs home cooked meats, veggies, and fruits but trying to supply and meet a balanced meal wasn’t always easy & convenient so I tried Little Hunter brand. Both dogs love this food and rotating meat proteins that they offer is easy. Happy customer ❤️

Dog's name: Foxie
Dog's Breed: Pomeranian
Dogs love it

Dogs love it, allergies are way better no more scooting. Will continue to purchase

Dog's name: Shadow & Madison
Dog's Breed: Mini bernadoodles
Little hunter rabbit!

Both my dogs love this food, and it has helped decrease the scratching/ itching and licking of paws