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Raw Rabbit Recipe
Jennifer D.
Our go to

We’ve tried all the types of raw and little hunter is both priced reasonably, convenient , and enjoyed by both of my pups..

Rusty loves this food.
It was

Raw Rabbit Recipe
Melanie C.
Dog's name: Gabrielle
Dog's Breed: French bulldog
French Bulldog Loves it

My frenchie loves the rabbit food and dogs k tr

Raw Chicken Recipe
Rochelle M.
Dog's name: Rosie
Dog's Breed: Boxer mix
Good qualify food. Unfortunately rosie has allergies

We really loved the food for rosie. Her scratching and biting her paws was very bad. The vet said to eliminate chicken turkey and beef. I was hoping you had venison or bison or duck to try. I saw rabbit but we have a pet bunny and didnt want that.

Dog's name: Chloe, Louie and jack.
Dog's Breed: Chihuahuas
My pups are happy

I have e chihuahuas, they love little hunter food and treat. They are very picky eaters, they love the chicken and before blend. They absolutely love the chickenhearts
Will continue to buy little hunter food for them.

Dog's name: Sassy
Dog's Breed: Maltese-Yorkie mix
Loving her training treats!

My Sassy loves all the treats I've offered her from Little Hunter, Especially the Duck Morsel and Chicken Breast treats. She still is a bit naughty and doesn't want to listen when she see's another dog she can potentially play with, but she's getting better every day. :-)

Dog's name: Tito
Dog's Breed: Reservation Mutt

Tito loves Little Hunter. He happily eats his serving and it fills him up. It is a good value and I appreciate the nutritious ingredients.

Dog's name: Ellie
Dog's Breed: Miniature schnauzer

Ellie is doing well on hunter. She doesn't eat very much

Seems good

So far my 2 dogs seem to like this food. I would probably buy again.

My dog loves this food.

Dog's name: Goob (3 yrs old) and Cricket (3 months old)
Dog's Breed: Chihuahua mix and Chiweenie
Picky Picky Picky

Three words for my Chi's eating habits: Picky, Picky, Picky....! But he LOVES Little Hunter. We're so happy to find something he'll scarf down. And our tiny 3 month old puppy will eat anything --- so it's no surprise she gobbles it down, too!

Dog's name: Scooter
Dog's Breed: Cavapoo
Started my 10 wk old Cavapoo on this!

Wanted to switch my pup from Hill Bros puppy kibble to raw and began with this. He seems to love it so far.

My dog loves all the varieties. I like it is my choice to add water or leave dry.

Dog's name: Shiloh
Dog's Breed: Irish Wolfadoodle
Healthy puppy!

Started my puppy on Little Hunter from day one. He love the rabbit recipe and chicken hearts. At his 6 month appointment the vet commented on his healthy weight and skin. I know it's the food. Thanks Little Hunter!


This is a an excellent product and our dog loves it!

Dog's name: Parker
Dog's Breed: dachshund
Little Hunter Is The Best Dog Food

I can't believe how much my dachshund loves this food. He looks great and has so much energy.

Raw Rabbit Recipe
Russell P.
Dog's name: Rusty
Dog's Breed: small mix some chiwawaa
rabbit food and weight loss

my dog Rusty was at 19lbs to big for his size we started him on the rabbit food about 4-6 months ago he never scarfed his food down with the grocery store junk he lost down to 13.5 lbs and runs around like he's 5yrs younger he feels much better. and looks a lot healthier thank you for giving us our best friend back

A good alternative to her wet food. Especially likes the Rabbit.

Dog's name: Dolly
Dog's Breed: Pittie
My pittie loves it

My pittie has allergies. After doing testing, it was hard to find a food that didn't have ingredients in it that she shouldn't have. Little hunter was the only one with very limited and safe ingredients for her. She loves it!

My dog loves it

Dog's name: Lenny
Dog's Breed: Miniature Dachshund
Raving for Rabbit

My dog absolutely loves this raw rabbit food. So much more convenient than the frozen keto food he's been getting and filled with so much goodness. My dog is SUPER picky with food allergies to chicken, beef & dairy. We love this food!

Dog's name: Teddy
Dog's Breed: Shih Tzu
Gobbles it up!

Teddy love's little Hunter chicken! He can't wait until I put it down and then it's gone in minutes! Just wish the bag was bigger with more in it!

Dog's name: Jack, Sabrina, Barker, Charlotte, and pixie dust and Kobe
Dog's Breed: One miniature pincher, for Cavaliers
Absolutely great food

My dogs absolutely love this food and they fight over it if I drop it. They’re very very very good quality.

Dog's name: Rex
Dog's Breed: Chiweenie
Raw with the convenience of kibble

I was very reluctant to switch my Chiweenie from home cooked organic meals, to a raw diet. But I know raw has a lot of health benefits for my pup. I don't have a lot of freezer space, and watching him eat raw meat doesn't sit right with me yet lol. So I tried another company prior to little hunter that does air dried raw, but they didn't have organic veggies/fruits and the food would breakdown and turn to dust at the bottom. With little hunter I don't get the wasted dust, it has organic ingredients, is easy to feed, and is decently priced. Rex loves it, and I feel it is a good alternative giving him the raw diet, without him eating full on raw meat. I would recommend you try little hunter. Plus the 40% off your first order makes it super cheap to try out.

Dog's name: Ruby
Dog's Breed: Goldendoodle
My Dog Loves This Food

Whitefish and salmon is my 6 year old goldendoodle’s favorite. Thank you!!