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Dog's name: Charlie
Dog's Breed: Poodle
My dog LOVES Little Hunter!

This is the only food he gets excited about. It’s just disappointing because, being a large dog, I can’t afford to feed it to him all the time.

Dog's name: Sammy
Dog's Breed: Terrier Mix
My Dog ❤️ it!

When I tell you my dog is a picky eater, I mean picky! I have tried all kinds of food and he would turn up his nose. With the Rabbit he actually begs me for it! Win, win in my book.

Raw Beef Meal
gaylene h.
Dog's name: Poppi, Libby and Ida
Dog's Breed: Australian Shepherds and Border Collie
All my dogs love this food and some are picky eaters.

Easy to feed and my dogs love it!

Dog's name: Cannoli
Dog's Breed: Teddy Bear (bichon-shi-tzu)
She loves it!

My 15lb bichon-shi-tzu mix with sensitive skin and tummy LOVES this food! She doesn't even need anything added to it - we had to add wet dog food to her old kibble just so she would eat it. She pushes me out of the way to get to her food now which was only reserved for when she had people food before. We switched to chicken but she absolutely loves both and has no trouble eating it dry. Great product!

Smells terrible--pup liked it but a little too expensive

Smells terrible but the pup liked it. Expensive

Raw Rabbit Meal
Pamela B.
Dog's name: Tinker Bell
Dog's Breed: Havanese
Clean healthy food for dogs

My dog loves this and she is such a picky eater. And I am very glad it’s a very clean healthy food for her!

Dog's name: Thor
Dog's Breed: French Bulldog
Best food we’ve tried!

This is truly the best brand of dog food that we’ve tried thus far for our little high maintenance frenchie! His stomach issues went completely away once we started feeding him Little Hunter! He is also a sucker for the chicken heart treats and cannot get enough of them!

Dog's name: Ricky and Lucie
Dog's Breed: Havanese
Good for Picky Eaters

Both of our dogs are hard to please, and one of them developed an allergy to chicken and beef. The rabbit diet has been the perfect solution for them. They have been on it for the last 6 months and still seem to enjoy it.

Dog's name: Brodie
Dog's Breed: West Highline Terrier
The Bradster

My puppy liked as a little topper for his food and snacks! He wouldn’t eat as a meal!

Dog's name: Phoebe
Dog's Breed: Rat Terrier

I’ve tried many premium foods on the market and nothing compares to the Little Hunter for nutrition, taste, and convenience. My Phoebe looks forward to her bowl every morning. I’m so satisfied with this wonderful raw freeze-dried food. Even the size is perfect, not too big, not too small. Thanks for producing such a great dog food!

Dog's name: Magali or Maggie
Dog's Breed: poodle mix
We love Little Hunter

I've tried little hunter because of it's quality and price. My mini golden doodle is very picky and did not wanted to eat ANY dry food. Giving her soft food causes her teeth to build up tartar at early age so I came across Little hunter and that was game change. I now give her little hunter mixed or alone and she is happy to eat it. We even started calling her little hunter because she seems a lot happier and sniffs around way more than ever :)

Dog's name: Ginger
Dog's Breed: Goldendoodle
Ginger loves it!

I was very happy to find Little Hunter Rabbit, since a DNA test showed my Goldendoodle has reactions to most common dog foods, including chicken and beef. She happily eats it, and I’m happy that she’s getting a good diet with food that’s good for her!

Dog's Breed: Border collie
Dugless approved

My border collie is very picky about food. I have tried every brand of raw ( and even DIY raw) and he would not eat any of it. He loves Little Hunter and is doing great since starting this diet. An added bonus is that it is so much easier to travel with then other raw diets.

Raw Beef Meal
Jose N.
Dog's name: Cici
Dog's Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Great food!

My dog loves this stuff. Unfortunately I had one too many shipping delays.

Dog's Breed: Chihuahua mix
Chicken Hearts

My dog loves the freeze dried chicken hearts. She gets them consistently and does not tire of them which is what she does with other treats. All my family dogs love them as well.

Dog's name: Emma
Dog's Breed: Rescue
Rabbit/Beef and Chicken Food

Emma loves your food. She is very picky and so far Rabbit is her favorite!

Dog's name: Waldo
Dog's Breed: Bordodoodle

Waldo loves it. He is allergic to chicken so we have been on prescription dog food and pro plan salmon and rice but still had issues with his stomach and chewing his feet. We are slowly transitioning and enjoying your food as a topper with a little warm water which makes a tasty broth that he really enjoys! No more chewy his feet or itching and solid poops!

Raw Beef Meal
Peggy M.
Dog's name: Mia
Dog's Breed: Mini Aussie
She loves it

So we tried out this new food from little hunters… To my surprise my picky Mini Aussie absolutely loves it. Thank you so much. I wish I knew how to insert a picture I definitely would… I’m old-school I’m learning. Thank you again.

This flavor is a hit! My Yorkie loves this one and there is little to no odor. I use these as training treats before breakfast.

Absolutely love this food for my Yorkie! She loves the flavor very much. The Salmon smell is strong when you open the bag, but once she eats it I don’t smell it anymore.

Raw Beef Meal
Barry N.
Dog's name: Havilah
Dog's Breed: Scotch Collie
Picky girl

My Havilah is a very picky eater. She seems to enjoy this food very much.

Dog's name: Buckley
Dog's Breed: Doberman mix
Good Quality

This is an excellent option for people that don't have freezer space.

Dog's name: Rosie
Dog's Breed: Shin zu
Rosie loves little hunter

Rosie runs to her food now and chews every bite, she has never enjoyed odd food as much as little hunter

Raw Beef Meal
Mona B.
Dog's name: Baxter
Dog's Breed: Yorkie
Baxter’s review….

I know you wanted me to review but I think what you really want is Baxter’s opinion.😂😂😂 I am still mixing Hunters with his Zignature. He is only 6# and eats very little. I wanted to empty his bag of Zig. He is sooo picky he only will eat something for a short time and then stops. I also give him a couple tablespoons of Royal Canin wet food for yorkies. I think I have found a perfect combination both for a great diet and for his pickiness. He is 13 and AGAIN just yesterday people are shocked at his age. He looks like a baby..