1900+ and barking!
100% real & unprocessed - just like our food.
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Dog's name: MAZEL
Dog's Breed: Hound mix
Such great dog food!

Love the Little Hunters food! No messy frozen food... ick... and still super healthy ingredients! Baby girl Mazzie loves it!

The boys love love love it

Raw Beef Recipe
Amanda F.
Dog's name: Mika
Dog's Breed: Miniature poodle mix
Dog goes crazy for this food!

My dog knows when it’s time for food and waits by the counter. Definitely more enthusiastic about little Hunter than the previous food she was on.

Dog's name: Cuddles
Dog's Breed: Chihuahua cocker spaniel
Love Littlr Hunter

My little dog, Cuddles, loves her new food!! She likes to pick at her food all day and it stays fresh in her bowl, unlike her previous wet food. Yard cleanup is much easier too. Thank you

Dog's name: Barry
Dog's Breed: Shih-Tzu

Our 8 lb Shih-Tzu cannot get enough of Little Hunter! The freeze-dried kibble is just perfect for his little teeth!

Dog's Breed: Yorkshire
Einstein was't a really big fan.

I'm glad it was only for a sample package.

Raw Beef Recipe
Stephanie R.
Dog's name: Buddi
Dog's Breed: Miniature schnauzer

Unfortunately, our buddy loved and devoured the beef, but when I read on your site that the chicken at it and more weight loss, I thought we would switch and try it well unfortunately he just doesn’t like it when he used to go to it and scarf it down is now brought to where we have to hand feed to even get him started to get a few bites. Is there a way I can return, the bags that I just bought and continue with beef? $93 to me is 100 and that’s a lot if he can’t eat it thank you so much Stephanie and Elaina and Buddi. .

Great treat. Dogs love them.


Dog's name: Sadie
Dog's Breed: Chihuahua mix
My dog loves it!

My girl Sadie loves Little Hunter Chicken recipe and the Duck Morsels treats. I do wish they hadn’t increased the size of the dry food, much larger than before. Also the shipping is very slow with FedEx. Stopped in about 5-6 destinations before arriving to my state of AZ. And a week to receive

Dog's name: Luna
Dog's Breed: Chihuahua
Little Hunter

My dog begs to be fed little Hunter. She eats her food so fast. She used to leave food in her bowl. Not anymore. I think she’d choose it over bacon. We will never give her anything else.

Dog's name: Sofee
Dog's Breed: Havanese
She LOVES it!

My fur baby loves it compare to others I ordered and to my amazement her eyes are clearing up from tears!

Dog's name: Titus
Dog's Breed: Pit Bull
Not Bad

My dog loves this food, and I think it makes his potty time more regular which is great. I do miss the old formula, which was a harder piece of food.. he seemed to like it better and I think he had less "upset tummy days" with that kind. ( he has a sensitive stomach regardless). The newer bags have come in with lots of excess powder at the bottom / crumbs. Also I wish the price was a little lower, its hard to maintain the cost for a main meal so I use it as a topper. Lastly I just wish they would sell larger bags, I have a pitbull and i feel like i am wasting a ton of plastic for how much I need to order!

My dog loves this food

Dog's name: Beans
Dog's Breed: Frenchie
Great Healthy Treat

The best treat for your pets. Provides tons of nutrients and dogs love them.

Dog's name: Teso
Dog's Breed: aussidoodlt
great topper for my dog

I have been using the raw chicken recipe for my aussidoodle for close to a year. She loves the taste!

Dog's name: Dakota
Dog's Breed: Husky mix
Rabbit recipe

Our dog Dakota is super picky, so when I find a food she likes it’s wonderful to see her eat and enjoy it. She’s enjoys the Rabbit recipe although she will always pick out a few pieces, especially the clumped together ones and leave them on the floor. Anyway since feeding her one heaping cup along with Waruva a half can chicken recipe, she eats it consistently, yayyyyyyy, her poops are absolutely perfect, I’m jealous lol. She’s 13yrs old and has good energy and minimal arthritis, she had a couple of fatty masses which seem to be gone now since her being on this diet. Looking forward to giving the lamb recipe a try soon. Thank you ❤️

Dog's name: Lacy
Dog's Breed: Golden doodle
Doesn't contain safflower oil or synthetic vitamins

My dog enjoys it and because of the dry nature, I add warm water and vegetables. I am learning that dogs need more moisture than what they drink.

Dog's name: Lola
Dog's Breed: Cavapoochon
Lola loves Little Hunter!

Our dog Lola loves eating the raw foods from Little Hunter that she started a few months ago. The fish and beef are her favorite. She's also in better shape phsically. At her annual vet visit 4 months ago he said her weight was fine but I've noticed her tummy has tightened up visibly and she has more energy. The LH chicken hearts are her favorite!

Dog's Breed: schnauzer/yorkie

when we first started getting little hunter, the pieces were smaller and easier for my yorkie to eat. now they are larger. , her stools are a lot larger too. pkg used to say 90% meat. no longer gives percentages. what's the change and why?

My dog is too picky, he prefers when I make his food

Awsome product my dog loves it!!🐾

Raw Beef Recipe
Janice B.
Dog's name: Meeks & Coco
Dog's Breed: Finished Spitz

My dogs absolutely love their little hunter. Chicken is their favorite. I love it because, I can rest easy knowing that what they are eating is very nutritious. Thanks again. One happy dog mom

Dog's name: Indy
Dog's Breed: Mini schnauzer
Picky Puppy

My mini schnauzer is a ridiculously picky eater. I must’ve tried a dozen different foods to get him to eat.. I even sent for that farmers food and he wouldn’t even look at it. So finally, I sent for Little Hunter’s dog food, and success. He’s still picky, but loves the beef recipe.