Raw Salmon & Whitefish Recipe - Coming Soon!

16 oz. (8-9 cups)

This freeze-dried, grain-free, raw recipe is made with only the highest quality, humanely raised animals and all-natural ingredients. Formulated with whole-prey ratios of 90% meat, organs & bones and fruits & veggies to give your dog balanced nutrition, the way nature intended.


Salmon, mixed tocopherols (preservative), vitamin E supplement, iron amino acid chelate, zinc amino acid chelate, manganese amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, blueberries, carrots, kale, sweet potato.

Nutritional Panel
Calorie Content as measured
crude protein, min. 41%
crude fat, min. 33%
crude fiber, max. 3%
moisture, max. 8%
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All Natural, Clean Ingredients
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Balanced, Healthy Recipes

Our Little Hunters were born to eat natural, uncooked, grain-free diets - not over processed industrial pellets.

A healthy pup starts with healthy food.

Some of the many health benefits of an all-natural, uncooked, raw diet:
  • Superior joint and bone health
  • Improved skin and softer, shinier coat
  • Generally associated with increased longevity
  • Superior dental health
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Reduced stool volume and odor
  • Reduced body odor

Ready to eat goodness: all the fresh benefits, none of the hassle.

Freeze-drying creates shelf-stable, safe, nutrient-dense food pieces that give your dog all the nutrients of fresh, uncooked raw food without the need for refrigeration and messy cleanup. No more packed freezers!

Nutrient dense, no fillers.

1 lb. of freeze dried food = 3 lb. of raw meat.

Only the best raw ingredients.

Just responsibly sourced meats, fruits, vegetables and other wholesome ingredients. We leave the fillers and artificial stuff for the other bowls.

10 Days to Clean Eating!

Day 1-3

75% old pet food &
25% Little Hunter food.

Day 3-6

50% old pet food &
50% Little Hunter food.

Day 6-9

25% old pet food &
75% Little Hunter food.

Day 10

100% Little Hunter food!

More Questions

Why go raw?
  • Raw food diets are protein rich, nutrient dense meals that consist of only raw, unprocessed foods - the most natural way to feed our dogs!
  • Many dogs switch to raw for health reasons (weight gain, allergies, dental hygiene, etc.), while others switch because they’re picky eaters!
  • Little Hunter makes going raw easier than ever with freeze-dried, room temperature storable packages, and recurring shipments.
  • We’ve seen first-hand the well-researched benefits of raw, which often include:
    • Improved immunity
    • Superior dental health & hygiene
    • More energy levels
    • Reduced allergies, itching and scratching
    • Better weight maintenance
    • Reduced odor both from the body and from stool
    • Better hydration maintenance
    • Softer and shinier coats
What quality of ingredients are you using?
We use nothing but the highest quality ingredients because we wouldn’t expect to feed our dogs anything less. Our ingredients are fresh and humanely sourced from USA suppliers from USDA, pasture raised meats . Additionally, what’s important is what we do not use - nothing artificial, no fillers, added antibiotics, flavorings, grain, gluten, synthetic vitamins or rendered by-products.
How are your recipes formulated?
We’ve partnered with experts in veterinary care and pet nutrition to take care of your little hunter every step of the way. Each of our formulas have been carefully picked to ensure optimal nutrition and a balanced diet.
How do I prepare the food?
Unlike frozen raw food packets, Little Hunter comes freeze-dried and can be stored in any cool, dry place up to the package's expiration date. There’s no need to refrigerate or freeze! Simply measure the amount of food you serve your dog for each meal, pour into your bowl and enjoy!
Why not serve raw food on my own?
Research has found that 95% of dog food recipes online are lacking in crucial nutrients for dogs across both raw and cooked fresh food categories. You may also be prone to more complications from nutrient deficiencies and overdosing.
Should I consult my vet before feeding my dog Little Hunter?
Consulting a vet is not necessary, but we encourage you to talk to your vet about what you’ re feeding your little hunter - they often ask anyway! The key detail to share with the vet is that Little Hunter is freeze - dried raw food, an alternative to traditional kibbles. We work with board - certified veterinary nutritionists to formulate Little Hunter based on human grade food standards.You can always ask us for a full nutritional panel to bring along as well.