Little Hunter's Commitment to Quality

Little Hunter's Commitment to Quality

At Little Hunter, we are passionate about creating limited-ingredient, single-source, raw animal-based recipes that we proudly feed our own pups. Our dedication to quality ingredients forms the cornerstone of our product philosophy.

The Little Hunter Promise

Our wholesome recipes feature just humanely-sourced raw animal proteins, fruits, and vegetables, without any grains, fillers, or additives. We guarantee that every one of our limited ingredients is humanely sourced and made in the USA, not just assembled here.


A Clean and Natural Approach

Our additive and gluten-free recipes align with dogs' ancestral diets, containing 90% whole animal ingredients and 10% fresh fruits and vegetables - just kale, blueberries, carrots, and sweet potatoes to create a complete & blananed diet.

We steer clear of any artificial ingredients -including additives, synthetic vitamins, and rendered by-products, to provide a pure and natural meal. Additionally, our freeze-drying process eliminates the need for preservatives.


No Compromises

We exclusively use 100% fresh, humanely-sourced, pasture-fed, farm-raised whole meats, bones, and organs, without any protein fillers like soy, legumes, or peas (that are most the protein in heavily processed food like kibble).

Our single-ingredient, raw treats are made with just one freeze-dried fresh animal ingredient, without any preservatives or additives.

We value your trust and are committed to creating clean, wholesome food so you can focus on what matters - spending quality time with a happy, healthy pup. :)



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See what everyone’s barking about.

My boys are in love!
We love the beef meal & will be trying all of there other meals! We absolutely love this company, happy dogs & happy parents! It’s always good to know what’s going into your pups are also good for them! ❤️❤
One of the best decisions we've made for our dog
Since we switched Chief to a fully raw diet 6 months ago we’ve seen amazing changes in him! He’s less bloated and is very lean now!( more defined muscles ) His teeth are way more clean on raw. He doesn’t suffer from itchy skin anymore, his coat is naturally shiny now!
My pet hates EVERYTHING! Little Hunter was a hit though. I couldn't believe how she enjoyed the beef, fruits and vegetables recipe.