Can a Raw diet prevent illness in my dog?

Can a Raw diet prevent illness in my dog?

Raw diets can play an important role in preventing and managing chronic diseases in pets. Here are 4 key ways that this diet helps support the health and well-being of pets with chronic diseases, as well as prevent them from happening in the future:

  1. High-quality, whole-food ingredients: Raw food is made with high-quality, whole-food ingredients, such as humanely sourced meats, and top-quality fruits and vegetables that are minimally processed. This can provide pets with a rich source of essential nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, that are essential for supporting their health and preventing chronic diseases.
  2. Nutrient preservation: The freeze-drying process preserves the nutrients in the food, which can be lost in the freezing or heating process of many “healthy” dog foods on the market. Having pets benefit from all the nutrients their food has to offer is especially important for pets with chronic diseases, who may have compromised nutrient absorption or increased nutrient requirements.
  3. Variety: Raw diets come in a variety of flavors and formulas, so pet parents can choose the ones that are most suitable for their pet's species, life stage, and dietary needs. Little Hunter recipes are single-protein (meaning beef is beef only, chicken is chicken only, etc.) and balanced to be a healthy diet fed daily but each protein brings additional benefits (beef high in iron, etc.) as well as variety/ flavor - so we highly recommend mixing it up! After all, what is the point of a nutritious meal if your dog won’t touch it?
  4. Support for chronic diseases: Raw diets can provide pets with specific nutrients and ingredients that may be beneficial for certain chronic diseases. For example, some freeze-dried raw diets contain ingredients that can support joint health in pets with osteoarthritis, or ingredients that can support gastrointestinal health in pets with inflammatory bowel disease.

In conclusion,raw diets can be an important tool for preventing and managing chronic diseases in pets. By providing pets with high-quality, nutrient-dense raw meals (we recommend Little Hunter :) ), you can help your pet live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

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My boys are in love!
We love the beef meal & will be trying all of there other meals! We absolutely love this company, happy dogs & happy parents! It’s always good to know what’s going into your pups are also good for them! ❤️❤
One of the best decisions we've made for our dog
Since we switched Chief to a fully raw diet 6 months ago we’ve seen amazing changes in him! He’s less bloated and is very lean now!( more defined muscles ) His teeth are way more clean on raw. He doesn’t suffer from itchy skin anymore, his coat is naturally shiny now!
My pet hates EVERYTHING! Little Hunter was a hit though. I couldn't believe how she enjoyed the beef, fruits and vegetables recipe.