Why are Pet Parents switching to Freeze-Dried Raw Dog food?

Why are Pet Parents switching to Freeze-Dried Raw Dog food?

Freeze-dried raw dog food has become an increasingly popular option for pet owners who want to feed their dogs a raw diet, but don’t have the extra time to meal-prep a balanced meal. Since it’s shelf-stable, it is an ideal choice for pet owners who are on the go or who don't have access to a kitchen or extra space in their refrigerator. 

One of the biggest advantages of freeze-dried raw dog food is its convenience.

Unlike fresh, frozen, or refrigerated raw dog food, which needs to be handled and stored carefully to avoid spoilage, freeze-dried raw dog food can be stored at room temperature for long periods of time. Preparing fresh, frozen, or refrigerated raw food can be a hassle, but you still may not want to revert back to kibble. Yet, freeze-dried raw food gives your pet all the benefits of raw without the hassle. That leads us to the next advantage…


The freezing process used to preserve fresh, frozen, and refrigerated raw dog food can cause the food to lose some of its nutritional value. This is not an issue with freeze-dried raw dog food, as the freeze-drying process preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. This means that dogs who eat freeze-dried raw dog food can still get all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy, including optimal dental, oral, heart, and digestive health just to name a few of the many benefits of eating raw.

Freeze-dried raw dog food is also easier to handle and feed to dogs than other types of raw dog food.

Fresh, frozen, and refrigerated raw dog food needs to be handled carefully to avoid contamination and spoilage. This can be difficult for pet owners who are new to feeding a raw diet, or who don't have experience handling raw food. Imagine if you could grab a pack of ramen from the store after a long day and it had all the nutrients your body needs to thrive? With freeze-dried raw dog food, the convenience and nutritional value are a 2-for-1 deal–it’s easy to handle and can be fed to dogs directly from the bag.

Overall, freeze-dried raw dog food offers a convenient and nutritionally-complete option for pet owners who want to feed their dogs a raw diet.

Its shelf-stable nature and easy handling make it an ideal choice for busy pet owners who don’t want to sacrifice the optimal health for their pet, and with Little Hunter freeze-dried raw food, you have an option that is humanely sourced and made in the USA with no added antibiotics. Clean eating for pets just got easier.

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My boys are in love!
We love the beef meal & will be trying all of there other meals! We absolutely love this company, happy dogs & happy parents! It’s always good to know what’s going into your pups are also good for them! ❤️❤
One of the best decisions we've made for our dog
Since we switched Chief to a fully raw diet 6 months ago we’ve seen amazing changes in him! He’s less bloated and is very lean now!( more defined muscles ) His teeth are way more clean on raw. He doesn’t suffer from itchy skin anymore, his coat is naturally shiny now!
My pet hates EVERYTHING! Little Hunter was a hit though. I couldn't believe how she enjoyed the beef, fruits and vegetables recipe.