Balanced Nutrition: The Lazy Pet Parent’s Guide

Balanced Nutrition: The Lazy Pet Parent’s Guide

In recent years, we have become more concerned and aware of the ingredients in our food. We have learned how to read labels, research ingredients, and create a demand for more natural and wholesome products. Pet parents in recent years have also started to look closer at labels, especially in an industry that has been dominated by big kibble brands for so long.

So you ask, “Is this what my dog needs?” “Is this good for my dog?” It can be especially tricky to figure out what to give your pet, especially as age, health,and weight play a factor to their specific nutritional needs. Let’s start by explaining whata balanced diet is, and then get to some easy ways to achieve it.

A balanced diet means your dog is getting the nourishment they need to grow andthrive, this includes a diet of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The good news is that it’s not complicated to achieve a balanced diet. Just as we turn towhole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, and high quality meat for our health,it’s the same for our dogs!

As mentioned, a number of factors can affect your dog’s nutritional needs. Keep an eyeout for signs and symptoms of nutrition deficiency such as change in feces, depression,skin or coat disorders, and lack of energy. If you are noticing any of these signs, consultyour vet or a pet nutritionist.

Okay–let’s talk about practicality. How do I make a healthy, balanced meal for my dog?A great resource to start with is “Balance It”. You can pick things out of your fridge that you already have, mark it on the website, and they’ll tell you exactly what needs to be added to create a whole, balanced meal for your dog. Easy, right?

This resource takes a lot of guess work out of feeding your dog, with the downsidebeing its time consuming nature. This is a lazy pet parent’s guide after all, so for thebusy pet owners out there, just get a pre-made pack of fresh dog food, preferably raw. Now you’re probably thinking, “well maybe I should just stick to uncomplicated kibblethen”...well did you know that freeze-dried raw exists? It has all the benefits of a healthybalanced meal for your pet, but stores like kibble.

Little Hunter carries a line of freeze-dried raw meals that are humanely sourced and made in the USA with no added antibiotics. You can order a number of different proteins according to your dog’s taste, like Rabbit, Chicken, and Beef!

See what everyone’s barking about.

My boys are in love!
We love the beef meal & will be trying all of there other meals! We absolutely love this company, happy dogs & happy parents! It’s always good to know what’s going into your pups are also good for them! ❤️❤
One of the best decisions we've made for our dog
Since we switched Chief to a fully raw diet 6 months ago we’ve seen amazing changes in him! He’s less bloated and is very lean now!( more defined muscles ) His teeth are way more clean on raw. He doesn’t suffer from itchy skin anymore, his coat is naturally shiny now!
My pet hates EVERYTHING! Little Hunter was a hit though. I couldn't believe how she enjoyed the beef, fruits and vegetables recipe.